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Frank A. Heidelbauer. Frank was born in 1918 on a small farm in rural Iowa. As a young boy on the farm, he learned how to read ducks and call them by mouth. He fed and cared for dozens of wild Mallards retrieved from nests by  his German-immigrant father who had saved them from the haying blade. He loved hunting as a young boy, but lost his ability to call ducks by mouth when...

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Pricing & Ordering Products. The Mallard Toller Duck Call - $350.00. Personalized or Limited Edition, available in Birdseye Maple. Curly (Tigerstripe) Maple or Maple Burl. Includes Lanyard and standard...

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The Mallard Toller

The Mallard Toller is a truly hand-crafted duck call. Each and every part is hand made by myself as taught to me by my grandfather, mostly using tools that he made. My grandfather, Frank Heidelbauer, began designing his duck call in the late 1940's until he felt he had it perfected in 1952. It was then he began selling them to friends, and the word spread quickly! In the mid 1950's he became a World  Champion caller with his own calls! He was acclaimed in the magazines of the time, Field and Stream, and Outdoor Life. In more recent times we have received accolades in Sporting Classics, Double Gun Journal, Ducks Unlimited, and Wildfowl to name a few. But the true approval comes from the users of our calls. May are now third generation users of Heidelbauer calls. Today's Mallard Toller is nearly identical in shape and sound to the original Mallard Toller [as seen to the left].

My grandfather's design was WAY ahead of it's time. From the beginning he was using acrylics and inert plastics for the sounding device pieces, and incredibly, designed the sounding device to SCREW into the beautiful Birdseye Maple wood barrel. The best of both worlds! The functionality, durability, longevity, and sound quality of acrylic AND the beauty of wood.

I am proud to be carrying on our family tradition of call making. 2018 marks our 66th year in business. As you navigate through my website and read our story, please feel free to call me at any time with questions. Be sure to check back often for special deals or unique calls to come available. I look forward to hearing from you all! Best wished and have a great hunting season!




custom duck calls

-Tolling or Toller - [toh*ler] -- The act of enticing or luring game to approach is known as "tolling."

Today's Mallard Troller



Original - 1952


"You cant believe how well these stools work until you've enjoyed an entire day on one in the marsh. I've had, and used, and thrown away all the other stools I've ever come across until this one." -Dr. Robert E. Nelson...

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The Mallard Toller Duck Call. Our trademark call is the Mallard Toller duck call. Our duck call has two primary distinguishing attributes. Paramount is the call's exceptional tolerance. By this I mean that you...